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About Limousine Fleets

If you are googling the best ways to explore Dubai, then there’s nothing more extravagant than riding through the streets of the city in a limousine. And no, you don’t have to own a limo, all you need is to rent one. Dubai is a land of unbelievable wonders, and renting Fleets of Limousine with a professionally trained chauffeur is another such wondrous facility on the ever-growing list.You can enjoy luxury car rentals and travel through one of the world’s most popular destinations in a style that matches the city’s reputation for pomp as you hire a limousine for your sightseeing itinerary. From Chrysler to GMC and Cadillac to HUMMER, limo rentals in Dubai include cars for all occasions. Book from a long list of luxury sedans, premium SUVs, and stretch limousines as you head out to attend corporate events, high-society parties, or simple sightseeing through the UAE capital city. Indulge in luxuries that rival your standards for privacy and satisfaction as you relax in the spacious and comfortable yet sophisticated interiors of the vehicles. Your safety is a promise that would be upheld by certified licensed chauffeurs who know all there is to know about Dubai and its bustling streets. From chauffeur services to luxury chauffeurs, Fleets of Limousine in Dubai leave no stone unturned in ensuring you and your loved ones have a memorable time as you explore the city surrounded by best-in-class luxuries.

Limousine Fleets Types


If you are looking for a ride as extravagant as the city you wish to explore, then you deserve one of the best of the Fleets of Limousines in Dubai, the Lincoln. This stretch limousine has a seating capacity of up to ten passengers and has no space to accommodate luggage bags. Drive through the streets of Dubai in style as your personal chauffeur takes care of the traffic and parking troubles. Indulge in the luxuries and class that come with a classic Lincoln stretch limousine as your experienced chauffeur takes you on a tour of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks.

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Chrysler 300

Nothing screams luxury and extravagance more than riding in a stretch limousine on the streets of Dubai, and what better to experience this than the classic Chrysler. The Chrysler stretch limousine can seat up to ten passengers but does not have space for luggage bags. From family vacations to a memorable party experience with friends, you can even impress your business clients and partners in this comfortably elegant ride. With state-of-the-art safety accessories and luxurious interiors, the Chrysler is among the finest members of the Fleets of Limousine. Relax and unwind as your personal trained chauffeur drives you through the city and to your destination without hassles.

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Experience the true luxury of Dubai as you head out for your vacation or business trip in the GMC. This stretch Fleet of Limousines has a seating capacity of up to twenty passengers, although you would not be able to bring along luggage bags. Elevate your Dubai experience as you traverse the winding lanes of the city with a professionally trained chauffeur who has years of knowledge up their sleeve. Make the most of the spacious interiors by holding parties or business meetings right in the luxurious confines of the limo. And for an experience this memorable, the prices are too affordable to be missed.

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A limo lover’s dream, experience the grace and sharp style of the legendary HUMMER as you drive through the bustling streets of Dubai. The stretch Fleet of Limousine can seat up to twenty passengers but has no accommodation space for luggage bags. Revel in the extraordinary experience of witnessing Dubai’s iconic landmarks as you relax in the best-in-class limo. Indulge in the spacious and luxurious interiors as a certified professional chauffeur drives you through the city and to your destination. Trained to ensure your safety and equipped with knowledge about everything in Dubai, the chauffeurs are well-versed in English and the best in the business.

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Cadillac Escalade

Experience the unmatched luxury of a Cadillac as you rent one from the astounding Fleets of Limousine for your Dubai tour. This stretch Fleet of Limousines has a seating capacity of twenty passengers, although there is no space for luggage bags. Sit back and enjoy a smooth and sleek ride with your loved ones as you explore the major tourist hotspots of Dubai. The sophisticated high-class vehicles are driven by certified chauffeurs who have honed their skills through years of experience. Lounge in the spacious interiors of the luxurious limo as you are expertly and safely driven through the streets of the UAE capital city.

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Prepare to be mesmerised by an awe-inspiring tour of Dubai in the Infiniti stretch limousine. Among the finest of the Fleets of limousines, Infiniti can seat up to eighteen passengers in its extravagantly luxurious interiors. Swift yet elegant, the limo promises a sensual and intimate affair as you ride through the busy streets of Dubai with your loved ones or business associates. And don’t worry about driving the massive vehicle, as there are professionally trained and certified chauffeurs who would do the job for you. Witness some of the most remarkable highlights of the city as you embark on your tour, with the knowledgeable chauffeur answering all your curious questions.

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GMC Pink Limousine

Show off your love for all things classy and sophisticated as you book the GMC Pink Fleet of Limousine. The stretch limousine has a seating capacity of twenty-two passengers, the maximum offered by any of the stretch limousines on offer for rentals. Whether you are planning a family vacation or an exciting party with your friends, this limo is perfect for all your fun plans. Glide through the bustling streets of the city as you indulge in the luxurious interiors and are driven around by a certified licensed chauffeur. Knowledgeable and polite, the chauffeurs promise to make your Dubai tour a memorable affair.

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BMW 7 Series.jpg
BMW 7 Series

Nothing screams class and luxury than a BMW, and with this rental package, you would get the best-in-class BMW 7 Series. Designed to seat three passengers and accommodate two small luggage bags, the BMW 7 Series is one of the most fashionable luxury sedans in the game. From attending formal corporate events to special occasions like lavish weddings or high-society parties, the luxury sedan is ideal to show off your premium tastes. The extravagance is upgraded a notch by the professionally trained chauffeur who would drive you to your destination. Ride in style and comfort as you book this unmatched luxury experience.

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Mercedes Benz S Class.jpg
Mercedes Benz S Class

If standards and safety are your top two priorities when booking your luxury car experience, then the Mercedes Benz S Class is the ideal choice for you. With a seating capacity of up to three passengers and luggage space for two small bags, the luxury sedan promises incomparable comfort, style, and safety. Show off your taste for all things sophisticated and luxurious as you hop on this elegant ride driven by the best-in-town chauffeurs of Dubai. Professionally trained and certified, the knowledgeable chauffeurs can take you anywhere in the city right on schedule as you sit back and unwind in the spacious interiors of the luxury sedan.

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Rolls Royce Ghost.jpg
Rolls Royce Ghost

If Rolls Royce is how you roll, you are welcome to book the top-of-the-line Rolls Royce Ghost for your Dubai tour. Designed with a seating capacity for up to three passengers, the luxury sedan does not have the space to accommodate luggage bags. Arrive at your destination in style as you choose this exquisite specimen that comes with a certified licensed chauffeur. Professionally trained and armed with years of experience, the chauffeurs can drive you anywhere in the city within no time. Rest easy and safe in the luxury sedan as you indulge in the stunning sights of Dubai and its iconic landmarks.

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Mercedes Viano.jpg
Mercedes Viano

If you are looking for a luxury sedan that offers all the comfort yet has a higher seating capacity, then the Mercedes Viano is here to rescue you. With a seating capacity of up to five passengers, the luxury sedan cannot accommodate luggage bags. The stunning vehicle blends timeless elegance and grace with the automobile giant’s reputation for safety and is the ultimate luxury experience. Add a professionally trained chauffeur to the mix, and you are in for a memorable premium ride fit for every occasion. Relax and enjoy with your loved ones in the spacious interiors of the sedan as you indulge in the mesmerising of the city of wonders.

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Lexus ES350.jpg
Lexus ES350

The Lexus ES350 is designed to seat four passengers, has space to accommodate two small luggage bags, and caters to all sorts of travel itineraries. The discomfort of long drives is a thing of the past when it comes to exploring the city in this chauffeured car. Experience elegance, class and style in this sleek vehicle as the chauffeur expertly manoeuvres it through the crowded streets of Dubai. Your special moments will turn more enchanting, cherished, and vivid in this all-purpose ride. Book all the comfort and luxuries packed into one, that too at affordable rates, with the Lexus ES350.

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Toyota Land Cruiser.jpg
Toyota Land Cruiser

An unforgettable tour of Dubai awaits you as you book the Toyota Land Cruiser. The powerful SUV is ideal for a group of seven passengers and can accommodate up to four small luggage bags. Chauffeur services in the bustling city are top-tier and promise an experience that is full of comfort and luxury as you explore the main tourist hotspots of Dubai. The extraordinary vehicle is the epitome of class and comfort, and when driven by chauffeurs who have years of experience, the ride turns into a soothing yet exciting tour. Enjoy superior sightseeing within your budget as you book the Toyota Land Cruiser.

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Toyota Prado.jpg
Toyota Prado

If an SUV is what you are looking for while planning to tour Dubai, then look no further than Toyota Prado. The SUV can seat six passengers and has space to fit up to four small luggage bags. As you head out to explore the wondrous UAE capital, sit back and forget your stress about the winding traffic and busy lanes of the city with world-class chauffeur service. The professionally trained chauffeurs promise to make you feel like you are on top of the world with their in-depth knowledge of the city and excellent service. Comfort and class blend together as you ride the Toyota Prado.

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Toyota Previa.jpg
Toyota Previa

Embark on an enchanting tour of Dubai with the best-in-class SUV, the Toyota Previa. The SUV can seat up to seven passengers and has space for four small luggage bags. From business tours to sightseeing the major attractions of the city, hire this affordable service for all your needs in Dubai. Sit back and relax as a certified licensed chauffeur drives you through the traffic on the city’s busy streets so you reach your chosen destinations as per your schedule. From ensuring your safety to knowing everything in Dubai, these polite professionals are the best you would get for your Dubai adventure.

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Chevrolet Tahoe.jpg
Chevrolet Tahoe

A suave combination of rugged style and elegance, the Chevrolet Tahoe is the perfect SUV for small groups. With a seating capacity of a maximum of seven passengers, the SUV can accommodate up to four small luggage bags. The most desired of SUVs in the rental facilities, Chevrolet Tahoe promises premium class and comfort. Travel in style as you are driven around by professionally-trained chauffeurs who leave no stone unturned in making your Dubai tour special. As you unwind in the safe setting of the SUV, ask all your questions from the knowledgeable chauffeurs who know all there is about the city and its attractions.

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GMC Yukon.jpg
GMC Yukon XL

If you are looking for the ultimate family-friendly car for your Dubai tour, then GMC Yukon XL is the perfect choice for you. The seven-seater SUV actually has space for more than nine people and can accommodate four small luggage bags as well. Its spacious interiors, along with its power and capabilities, make it one of the most popular SUVs available for rental. Head out for your family vacation day as you are driven around a certified licensed chauffeur, who is well-versed in English and the Dubai roads. And don’t worry about the budget, as the luxuries come in one of the most affordable packages ever.

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Things To Keep in Mind Before Booking Limousine Fleets

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  • The prices of the Fleets of Limousines include fuel rates and driver charges.
  • The limousines are equipped with Bluetooth/AUX for streaming music. Guests are welcome to bring along their own music to connect to the vehicle.
  • · Alcohol is not permitted on the Fleets of Limousine. Guests are, however, encouraged to carry snacks and soft beverages of their choice.
  • Guests are not permitted to carry their luggage in the limousine.
  • Pick-up facilities are available from Dubai hotels and residences. However, from far-off locations like Jabel Ali, Sports City, Golf City, JVC, Dubai Parks, Arabian ranches, and so on, pickup is subjective to additional charges and availability.
  • If you wish for airport transfers, additional airport parking charges will be applicable.
  • A Limousine fleet booking includes a ride within Dubai and complimentary drinking water for all passengers on board.
  • Confirmation of Limousine fleet booking is subject to availability, and you are advised to check for the same before booking your ride online.
  • Cancellation and rescheduling can be done up to 24 hours in advance for free of charge and a full refund against cancellation. Cancelling less than 24 hours before the scheduled ride or not showing up would lead to 100% charges.
  • In case of extreme weather conditions or other uncontrollable external factors, the ride might be cancelled at short notice. In such situations, the tour can be rescheduled as per the guest’s convenience or a full refund can be processed.
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Our Services

Traversing through the city of Dubai can be as daunting as it is fun due to the never-ending crowds of tourists admiring the attractions of the UAE capital.You can book limousine from us to experience unparalleled luxuries and comfort as you drive through the busy streets in style in stunning limousines surrounded by luxuries fit for the royals.

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Luxury Chauffeur
Luxury Chauffeur

Experience a tour of Dubai in an unmatched limo experience with the Luxury Chauffeur service. Ideal for business purposes and even for a simple commute through the city, the luxury sedan option offers world-class performance with incomparable space and comfort. Along with the luxurious fleet, you also get politely professional and expertly skilled chauffeurs at your service. Hire luxury chauffeurs by the hour or for an entire day as you navigate through the bustling city with no worries about time and traffic. Professionalism, comfort and style are the guiding principles of the chauffeurs, who have been seasoned through years of experience in the luxury business.

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Super Luxury.jpg
Super Luxury

A uniquely refreshing vacation awaits you when you choose Super Luxury services. A magnificent example of true class, this Fleet of Limousines provides super luxurious travelling to clients who settle for nothing less than the best. Indulge in efficient, professional, and luxurious service as you arrive at your destination in style as if you belong to royalty. Experience personalised comforts and luxuries curated to cater to your tastes and preferences as you relax and unwind on the serene ride. And amidst the focus on luxury, the Fleets of Limousine ensure to make your safety their top priority, with the most skilled drivers and the safest of vehicles serving you.

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Stretch Limo.jpg
Stretch Limo

If you wish to witness all of Dubai’s major attractions but don’t wish to leave your comfortable bubble, then Stretch Limo is the ultimate deal for you. Head out into the streets of the city with your group as you choose from a stunning collection of renowned brands like Lincoln, Chrysler, GMC, HUMMER, Cadillac, Infiniti and more. Certified chauffeurs safely drive you through the city’s landmarks as per your choice and convenience. The limos promise reliability as they run as per your schedule and pace. The ride is as cost-effective as it is luxurious, so leave your budget worries behind as you hop in on the royal treatment.

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Chauffeur Services.jpg
Chauffeur Services

If traversing through Dubai feels like a difficult chore, Chauffeur Services are here to your rescue. Designed as per the diverse travel requirements of tourists, the service saves you the hassle of figuring out the city’s public transport system. Enjoy first-class rides with the professionally trained and experienced chauffeurs, who would wait on-call as you skip through the city for work and travel. The professionally licensed and resourceful team has chauffeurs who are fluent in English and well-versed with every nook and corner of the bustling city. Let go of the stress of busy lanes and parking as the chauffeurs expertly drive the spacious and comfortable vehicles.

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FAQ's Related To Limousine Fleet

Why is the Limousine Ride so famous in Dubai?

Nothing matches the grandeur and extravagance of Dubai more than the facility of limousine rentals. Renowned across the world as a city filled with luxuries, tourists seek similar comfort and pomp on their visit to the UAE capital city. From Chrysler and Lincoln to Cadillac and HUMMER, visitors get to experience the iconic attractions of the city in some of the world’s most popular limousine brands.

Is a Limousine a luxury car?

Limousines are large luxury cars that blend sophistication and luxury like no other. Generally driven by chauffeurs, the vehicles have a partition between the driver compartment and the passenger compartment to ensure privacy. From leather interiors to tinted windows, ride in style as you sit in the unmatched luxurious cars that are the limousines.

How many people can sit in Limousine Dubai?

The seating capacity of the luxury sedans and stretch limousines starts from three passengers and goes up to twenty-two passengers. Some of the Fleets of limousines are more spacious and can accommodate more passengers than their usual seating capacity.

How long is the Limousine ride in Dubai?

The minimum duration for which Fleets of Limousine can be booked is one hour. The maximum duration of the ride can be however long you wish for it to be. It is recommended that you choose to spend at least two hours on the ride to experience all that the luxurious facility has to offer. And in case you wish to change your plan while on the ride, inform the chauffeur regarding the same.

Is there an intercom in the cars of Limousine ride Dubai?

Fleets of Limousine in Dubai have two-way intercoms. These can be used to communicate with your personal chauffeur regarding your preferences during the ride. Your chauffeur can also communicate with you through the system. Since the limousines stretch for quite a length, communicating with the chauffeur can be difficult, hence the facility has been included.

Will the driver of the Limousine speak English?

All chauffeurs of the Fleets of Limousine are well-versed in spoken English. They also would follow the formal corporate dress code and have expert-level driving skills. Explore the city with the professionally licensed and knowledgeable chauffeurs as they answer your questions and take you through the breathtaking city.

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